Graduate Enrollment Contract

Application Terms:

  1. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, which form a binding agreement between you and Shorelight, which operates Tulane Graduate Direct. Tulane Graduate Direct offers admission application assistance and other services to individuals who are seeking academic admission to Tulane University. For students who are admitted to and accept Tulane University’s offer of admission, Tulane Graduate Direct helps coordinate the enrollment process. If you are submitting this application on behalf of another person, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person applying to Graduate Direct is aware of these terms and accepts them, and by submitting the application you are warranting that you have made the applicant aware of these terms and that they have accepted these terms.
  2. If you are admitted to Tulane University, you will be placed in the appropriate program track based on your academic and English language credentials submitted with this application. You acknowledge that there are price disparities between each program track based on length and course of study, which may include required English language courses. Shorelight does not guarantee you will be admitted to Tulane University.

Enrollment Contract with Shorelight if the Student Accepts Tulane University’s Offer of Admission



  1. By submitting your deposit to Shorelight, you are agreeing to this Enrollment Contract, which forms a binding agreement between you and Shorelight. Shorelight, which operates Graduate Direct, reserves the right to amend this Enrollment Contract from time to time. Please note Tulane University is not a party to this Enrollment Contract.
  2. In addition to this Enrollment Contract, as part of your offer you have received other information and documents that contain additional terms of your participation. Please familiarize yourself with all documentation provided to you by Shorelight.
  3. Degree Verification and Non-US Institutions. Tulane University is a U.S. accredited university. You may be required to submit your degree for verification (sometimes called “validation” or “authentication”), either by your employer or your country’s education authority, if you wish to work in your home country. It is your responsibility to determine what level of verification is needed and how to obtain it. Shorelight does not guarantee that your Tulane University degree will be verified outside of the U.S. Degree verification does not impact the validity or value of your degree in the U.S. Further, Shorelight does not guarantee that credits earned at Tulane University will be transferrable to any other institution or to systems of higher education within or outside of the U.S. Whether and how much transfer credit to award is in the discretion of the foreign institution.

Tuition and Fees; Refunds from Shorelight

  1. Tuition and fees payment: Following payment of the deposit to Shorelight, you must pay the remaining outstanding balance shown on your invoice to Shorelight by the indicated due date. You are responsible for paying the full invoice amount, including any banking or processing fees, to Shorelight. Shorelight has the right to amend its prices.
  2. Annual Statement of Fees. Tulane University graduate programs offered through Tulane Graduate Direct generally require completion in consecutive semesters of study, therefore your Statement of Fees will reflect pricing for 2 or 3 consecutive semesters, depending on your program.
  3. Additional Credit Hour and Departmental Fees. Graduate Direct students will incur additional tuition fees at the University’s current rate for credit hours above those billed for their first year. The University may adjust the per-additional credit fee in its sole discretion. You are responsible for paying the additional credit fees for any credit attempted. Additionally, certain departments charge program and course fees in addition to those added to your annual statement of fees. You are responsible for paying any additional departmental or course fees related to your program in addition to your tuition.
  4. Failure to Pay. Failure to pay Shorelight by your payment deadline may lead to penalties, including late fees, inability to gain access to housing and use of a meal plan, inability to progress after your first year, and a hold on your account that will prevent you from enrolling in classes. If you are unable to enroll due to nonpayment of tuition and fees you may become in violation of your immigration status, and Tulane University’s office of the Designated School Official (“DSO”) for Tulane University’s Office of International Students and Scholars will be required to report your enrollment status to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (“SEVIS”) which is a database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security; you may lose your immigration status and be subject to potential deportation from the U.S. You may be dismissed from Tulane Graduate Direct, or from Tulane University, for failure to timely pay your invoice.
  5. Deposit Refunds.

    8.1 You are only eligible for a deposit refund in the following circumstances:

    1. if you have both (i) an admissions offer for a particular semester and (ii) you provide us with written notification and documentation (visa appointment confirmation including DS160 application number, SEVIS fee payment receipt and visa denial letter) confirming your visa was denied prior to the Move-In Date of that same semester (to illustrate, if you receive an admissions offer for the fall semester and, following a visa denial for that fall semester you defer your admission to the spring semester, we will only refund your deposit if you can demonstrate a visa denial for the spring semester); or
    2. if you have obtained a visa but are denied entry upon arrival to the U.S., provided that you have already paid your Outstanding Balance in full (including any housing or other fees), have completed your pre-arrival documentation, and are not denied entry to the U.S. because of your own wrongdoing.
      Otherwise, we do not provide Deposit refunds. You must submit your deposit refund request form and supporting documents within sixty (60) days following the Move-In Date. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not provide Deposit refunds for students who (i) transfer their Tulane University-issued I-20 to another institution, or (ii) have provided false or fraudulent documents, have engaged in academic dishonesty or misconduct (including cheating), or who have otherwise committed acts of wrongdoing that make them ineligible for admission to Tulane Graduate Direct.
  6. Refunds for Cancellation of Enrollment. If you cancel your enrollment prior to your move-in date (move-in date found here: you may request a full refund from Shorelight of fees paid, less any non-refundable fees. After the start of the semester, you may be eligible for a partial refund calculated according to the table below. Non-refundable fees include, but are not limited to, your Deposit, housing fees, first semester meal plan fees, insurance, and a $500 processing fee. After the no refund dates listed below, all tuition and fees collected by Shorelight for the entire duration of your program at Tulane University are nonrefundable. Tuition refunds for partial terms will be pursuant to the schedule for that term (found here:
Fall Friday of 2nd week Friday of 3rd week Friday of 4th week Friday of 5th week Saturday of 5th week
Spring Friday of 2nd week Friday of 3rd week Friday of 4th week Friday of 5th week Saturday of 5th week
Summer 2023 (Master of Architecture only) Friday of 1st week Tuesday of 2nd week Wednesday of 2nd week Friday of 2nd week Saturday of 2nd week

*These dates are subject to adjustment in accordance with Tulane University’s refund schedule.

    1. All refund requests (other than those for Deposit refunds) must be submitted within sixty (60) days following the date that you either complete or withdraw from your program. All refunds will be issued in United States Dollars, minus bank transfer and processing fees, including any fees incurred for a rejected payment, according to the exchange rate in place at the time of the refund. All refunds will be made to eligible parties within 30 days following receipt of an accurate and completed refund submission and finance approval. All refunds must be processed to the originating bank account that funds were initially paid from.
    2. No Refunds for Immediate Transfer. You will not receive a refund of your deposit or any tuition or fees if you enter the United States on a Tulane University-issued I-20 and immediately request a transfer of your I-20 to another program, school, college or university.

    Accommodations & Services

    1. Airport Transfers. Requests for airport transfer service must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of arrival by visiting Airport transfers are available for your initial arrival on campus for flights arriving at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Shorelight cannot guarantee a reservation for a request made less than 2 weeks in advance. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you must call the emergency telephone number published in your pre-arrival email to inform staff of your new arrival date or time. If incurred, airport transfer fees are nonrefundable.
    2. Housing Accommodation and Meal Plan. Limited on-campus housing is available for Graduate Direct students on a first-come, first-served basis through Tulane University. Tulane University will provide you with a housing contract prior to your move-in date containing the terms of your residency. Shorelight will collect your housing payment, which is due in full two weeks prior to the move-in date unless you are on a payment plan pre-approved by Shorelight. Late housing payments or failure to pay housing costs may result in additional fees. Please be aware that cancelling your housing contract may result in forfeiture of your entire housing payment under the terms of your housing agreement with Tulane University. Failure to cancel your housing contract in writing thirty (30) days prior to the contracted start date will result in a forfeiture of the entire deposit.
    3. Health Insurance. All international graduate students studying at Tulane University are required to be covered by health insurance that meets the U.S. Government, Louisiana, and local requirements. Not all healthcare services are covered by health insurance, and the student is responsible to the provider for any outstanding balances for non-covered services.
      1. You are required to purchase TSHIP insurance as a condition of enrollment at Tulane University. See,
      2. Information about mandatory immunization Tulane University requirements may be reviewed here:, and the mandatory immunization forms may be obtained here: You must have completed immunization documentation prior to class registration in order to enroll in any courses. All immunization forms must be translated in English.
      3. You are fully and solely responsible for the payment of any premiums or other costs associated with maintaining health insurance coverage, and Shorelight is not responsible for payment of any funds related to a student’s health insurance. Be advised that the cost of health insurance is typically non-refundable, unless permitted by the terms and conditions of a particular plan.
    4. Internships and Externships. If you are accepted into an internship or externship option, such as Career Premium, all opportunities will be awarded by a third-party organization at such organization’s sole discretion.

    Tulane University Policies, Procedures and Requirements

    1. If you are admitted to and enroll at Tulane University, you must comply with all Tulane policies, procedures, and requirements. The following information is a non-comprehensive overview. Please refer to the official versions of all Tulane policies, procedures, and requirements here.
    2. Vacation, Holidays and Closures. Please familiarize yourself with Tulane University’s calendar for holidays and vacations. Classes will not be held on designated school vacations and may be cancelled on public holidays.
    3. Medical Withdrawal. If you need to withdraw for medical reasons you must apply for a valid medical withdrawal through Academic Advising or Case Management and Victim Support Services.
    4. Academic Performance. Students are accepted to Tulane University with the strict understanding that adherence to the Tulane University academic standards and progression requirements, which can be found at, as may be amended, is mandatory. You will not be allowed to proceed if you do not meet the minimum standards set by Tulane University. If you are unable to proceed, you may be offered advice on suitable alternatives, including repeating courses or dismissal from Tulane University. These alternative options may involve additional time and costs, including tuition and other fees which may require presenting additional proof of finances.
    5. Admissions Decisions. All admissions decisions are made by Tulane University in its sole discretion.
    6. Code of Conduct. You must adhere to Tulane University’s Code of Student Conduct, found at
    7. Academic or Conduct Rule and Policy Violations. you may be suspended or expelled if you violate any of Tulane University’s policies, rules, or regulations, which may result in the revocation of your immigration status. No refund will be given in cases of suspension or expulsion.
    8. Dismissal. If you are dismissed from your program or Tulane University for any reason, you may not reapply to the University, your current program, or any other Tulane University program offered through Tulane Graduate Direct.
    9. If you enroll at Tulane University, you will be required to enter into the Tulane Agreement and Disclosure Statement (found here: The Agreement and Disclosure Statement contains the terms and conditions of the open-ended account that is used to process transactions between you and Tulane University. The Agreement and Disclosure Statement shall be controlling with respect to financial transactions between you and Tulane University and prevail to the extent of any conflict with this Agreement as to such transactions.

    Shorelight Policies, Procedures and Requirements

    1. Vacation, Holidays and Closures. Shorelight does not make reimbursements for classes not offered due to planned or unplanned school closures.
    2. Absences. Failure to meet attendance requirements may lead to penalties, including loss of immigration status and deportation. You will not receive a refund from Shorelight if you lose immigration status due to class absences.
    3. Medical Withdrawal. Shorelight will honor any tuition refunds granted by Tulane University for a medical withdrawal in conflict with this Enrollment Contract, but please be aware that certain housing and other fees may not be refundable.
    4. Program of Study. Upon arrival on campus, you will be required to take an English language assessment test. The results of the assessment test are used to determine support services appropriate for your skill level. As a result, the length of study may be longer than originally anticipated and involve additional costs including tuition and other fees. If you choose to withdraw from your program of study because you do not wish to receive the support that your assessment test results require, the refund terms contained in this Enrollment Contract will apply to you.
    5. Consecutive Semesters. You must complete your coursework in consecutive semesters. This requirement may be waived by the Managing Director of Tulane Graduate Direct only in extenuating circumstances.


    1. Photography, Filming and Sound Recording. Shorelight or its representatives, affiliates, successors and related companies may arrange to photograph or shoot video footage of students for purposes of advertising, public relations, and/or promotion in any medium throughout the world, including on social media sites and on the internet. If you do not wish to participate you must advise Shorelight in writing and state at the time of the photography or video shooting the wish not to participate. By accepting this Enrollment Contract you are indicating your consent to use these photographs or video footage without further consent or notifications unless you follow the above opt-out requirements.
    2. Force Majeure. Shorelight will not be liable in cases where it is unable to fulfill any services because of fire, natural disaster, disease or pandemic, national emergency, act of government, acts of war or terrorism, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or any other reasons which are beyond Shorelight’s control.
    3. Liability. The liability of Shorelight, LLC, and its group companies, their directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and partners with respect to losses arising from negligence (except where such liability cannot be excluded as a matter of law), breach of contract or otherwise will be limited in all circumstances to the full amount paid to Tulane Graduate Direct, or the relevant group company by the relevant student for the particular program. Such companies and persons will in no circumstances have any liability for indirect or consequential losses or damages. Any dispute, claim or other matter arising will be subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the Louisiana without regard to the choice of law rules. Any legal suit, action or proceeding seeking to enforce any provision of, or based on any right or issues arising out of or related to this Enrollment Contract, shall be brought exclusively in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. By signing these terms and conditions, the student consents to and accepts the jurisdictions of such courts for the purpose of any such action or proceeding and agrees to waive any objection to venue being laid therein.
    4. Legal Compliance. Shorelight has a legal obligation to comply with U.S. laws and regulations. Shorelight may use certain information you provided to us on your application to ensure our compliance with export and other regulations by screening you against lists prepared by federal government agencies, such as those prepared by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. You hereby consent to the transfer of your personally identifiable information to third-party screening services that Shorelight has retained solely to conduct such screenings.
    5. Severability. If any provision of this agreement is ruled invalid in an arbitral or judicial proceeding, such finding shall not affect the validity of any other provision or this Agreement as a whole, which shall remain in full force and effect.

    Visa Status

    1. F-1 Status. In order to maintain proper F-1 visa status, you must comply with all applicable Federal regulations related to study in the U.S., including pursuit of a full course of study. Please review Tulane University’s policies on student visa status and immigration linked here. You will be in jeopardy of losing your immigration status if you fail to maintain the necessary academic standing. Tulane University’s Office of International Students and Scholars and the DSO will be required to report any violation by you of your F-1 status to the SEVIS database of the DHS. Your personally identifiable information, including course enrollment details and changes, and circumstances of any suspected breach by you of TU’s or Tulane Graduate Direct’s policies may be shared with the DHS, TU and accrediting agencies, designated authorities, your parents, and Tulane Graduate Direct staff and agents. If you intend to seek permanent resident status at any point during your anticipated tenure at TU, you must disclose such intent at the time of application. Please be aware that scheduling and class attendance conflicts that arise from pursuing immigration status changes will not be accommodated and may prevent you from continuing your studies. You may be dismissed if you seek or obtain a change in your permanent residency. No refunds will be given if you must withdraw due to your actual or anticipated change to permanent resident status.